Air Traffic Mania

0 5 views
A chaotic airport sim with four unique modes to choose from! Which mode is YOUR favorite!

Burger Story

0 3 views
Do you think that flipping burgers does not take much skill and the meat can be cooked by anyone? Take the bun, put the meat on it, add some salad, a slice of cheese and finally put the other half of the bun on top – how hard can…

GlueFO 2.0

0 2 views
GlueFO is back, this time with 3 game modes, 8 challenges, 42 awards and new upgrades. GlueFO manufacturers could not afford conventional weaponry due to a credit crunch, use your GluVex 3000 to capture and fling the tiny orbs!

Send Santa Packing

0 5 views
All the Elves have gone missing and Santa must pack the sleighs himself! How many sleighs can you pack and despatch?


0 2 views
Defend the galaxy from an encroaching enemy force in this epic space action-adventure.

Crazy Birds 2

0 4 views
The Crazy Birds are back! Once again they fight to defend themselves against the pigs that want to expel the birdies from their own land. The pigs did set up fortresses already, but these birds wouldn’t be known as Crazy Birds, if some walls could hold them back! Whether…


0 6 views
Disclaimer: This game is very difficult.Sir Reginald MoneySeize II, Esq. must collect coins to fund construction of the tallest tower in the world!Jump through stages ranging from simple to ridiculously difficult in your quest to find all 1010 coins.Use your jump, double jump, wall jump and skid jump to…

Flappy Bat Extreme

0 2 views
Help the bat flying through the obstacles by tapping on the screen

Free Will – The Game

0 2 views
The first game ever to realistically incorporate the concept of free will.Most restrictions for a Game Boy game are met, celebrating 20 years of the darn little thing.

Crossy Temple

0 1 views
Put your hat on and start to explore the fantastic 3D world of Crossy Temple! In this beautiful adventure you try to make your way through an ancient temple that is not only full of precious gold coins, but also full of terrors. If you are not careful enough,…


0 1 views
Developed during Ludum Dare 37, Sam tells the story of pixel guy named Sam.Approximate download: 17mb. (please be patient!)Estimated play time: 15mins.Use headphones and full screen for the best experienceAll graphics and coding were done during the jam by me from scratch except the dialogue system. Music is from…

Raider: Episode 1

0 1 views
Raider is an old-school platformer experience that will consist of five separate episodes, eventually.You play as a character called Arkus Zei: a ‘space pirate’ who makes a living by searching for loot in abandoned wrecks of dead spaceships and such.It’s meant to be DIFFICULT, and it’s meant to be…

Amazing Grabber

0 0 views
Amazing Grabber is an arcade game that needs good prediction skills and perfect timing. You control a large hand and it is your objective to catch all the things that are falling through the screen. Different objects will give you a different amount of points, but you really shouldn’t…

Monster Battle

0 2 views
Monster Battle takes you to an epic adventure that combines the best elements of role playing games and a classic match3 style game. In a beautiful castle, a handsome prince deeply fell in love with Cinderella. However, the prince was abducted by a mighty demon who has always been…

Casual Space

0 3 views
Small funny water creature tries its best to collect all the star pieces and save the sun of his home planet.Funny action-adventure game with casual space art.

Egg Defender

0 3 views
Survive long enough for your egg to hatch into a fuzzy little polar bear snack. Four unlockable game modes Fifteen achievements Five alternate endings.
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