Brave Squad

0 5 views
Brave Squad is an highly addictive endless game in the tradition of Cookie Clicker. The premise of the game is really simple: Alone or with your party you have to fight increasingly strong monsters. The gold you earn for slaying said monsters can be invested in upgrading your heroes,…

Turret Defence

0 3 views
Shoot all the skeletons .The arrow keys are for left and wright across the page. The turret shoot where the mouse is.

Point Adventure

0 4 views
Are you looking for a nice little adventure game to go through with ease? Point Adventure is not such a game. This endless scrolling arcade game is fast paced and hard. Really hard. And mean. You control a circle with two orbs on the opposite sites and you have…

Space War

0 6 views
Shoot the stars! defeat the enemy to save the galaxy.

Haunted House 1.1

0 2 views
HAUNTED HOUSE (for GBJAM5):There is a legend that says that inside a (totally empty) haunted house there are three hidden keys which together will reveal the localization of a magical chest.One that can open this chest will receive power to defeat all evil beings.What kind of power is this?…

Warlords: Heroes

0 3 views
Fight your way through 4 episodes of fantasy battle. Buying fighting moves, amour and hiring henchman to assist you on your journey.Features:- A game based on the Achilles engine set in the Warlords world.- 3 Different characters with different weapons, moves, stories, henchmen, personalities-Purchasable fighting moves after each level…

Santa Clone

0 0 views
Santa will recover all gifts and take revenge on those who wanted to sabotage Christmas!

HyperDrive X

0 1 views
Ultra fast paced Space Race. Fly through the warp gates to reach the end of the race. Pick your path to get the fastest time. 8 unlockable races.


0 1 views
Meow.Rocketcat cat has rocket-powered boots. What a unique idea for a game :3


0 4 views
Venture through 5 levels of snowy mountains, industrial complexes and moving trains as you battle your way through waves of soldiers, helicopters, and robots.

Comet Crunch

0 2 views
A retro-ish based game on some old classics. In the preceding millennia ancient civilisations predicted the return of a large celestial body in our Solar System with a highly elliptical orbit so far away that it could take it 15,000 years to orbit the Sun. It has returned, knocking…

Forest Adventure

0 0 views
Help the cute teddy to walk safely through the forest in Forest Adventure one of the most engaging and fascinating games. Protect the teddy by avoiding other animals in the forest, spikes on the ground and being hit by the revolving gate. Use the gold you collect on your…


0 0 views
An old school platformer. Very basic, very simple very difficult. Good luck!Created years ago to help learn the program. Thought it would be fun to see it actually go on the arcade now that it can support it!


0 1 views
Defend your Orbit by building up an impenetrable stronghold and hold back the enemy waves!Inspired by Space Invaders and Tetris, Orbitron is a mix between a shooter and a defense game. Prove your shooting and defense building skills in 34 challenging levels!Tips:Focus on staying alive rather than chasing down…

Max Brain

0 3 views
Your brain has reached the level to the point of being able to produce brain waves.Use it to crush your jealous enemies!Thanks for playing!

A Turtle”s Tussle

0 0 views
Guide Shelly the Turtle around the coral reef, avoiding all the rubbish in the sea! this was made as part of a uni assignment, I added a couple more things and published it here to show off lmao thanks for playing, have a fab day!
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