My Green Garden

0 94 views
My Green Garden is a new escape game in which spring has arrived. You own a huge garden with all kind of delicious fruits and vegetables. It was time to collectt your harvest as it looks so awesome. So one morning you woke up early and started working in…

Valentine Cupid House

0 114 views
Valentine Cupid House is an escape game made especially with the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Your boyfriend is gone for long time at work in another country, but he promised that will come home for this occasion. You prepared all the house for him, so he would really feel…

Hidden Numbers Spain HD

0 129 views
Are you ready to discover Spain? Find ten hidden numbers in the photos. The game has 10 chapters in total. All chapters are open. Try your best not to make a wrong click. In this way, you can get better time. You can then get help if you get…

Old Hospital Escape

0 83 views
In April 1994, Catherine goes on vacation with her father and little brother to visit her Grandmother in the small town of Horam City. They travel happily until the car’s engine mysteriously stops working in front of an old and abandoned Old Hospital called Murn Carni Hospital, just a…

Death Cabin

0 64 views
Get ready for a horrifying old-school adventure. Can you handle all of these terrifying monsters?

Galaxy Siege 3

0 55 views
Get ready for another intergalactic mission. Are you ready to once again battle your way across the universe?

Grand Apartment Escape

0 32 views
Grand Apartment Escape is a crime thriller escape game. You woke up after fall asleep for a long time and you forget about anything because of amnesia, then you find that you are in the Grand Apartment, alone. When you are trying to solve the mystery and get out…

Zevil 2

0 25 views
This poor cop was only trying to do the right thing. Now he’s up to his neck in zombies! Help him escape!

Kitty Kitty Jump Jump

0 29 views
Help Kitty to drink milk kept at top. Climb the steps to reach the destination. Avoid hitting objects thrown across, otherwise it will affect your health and eventually your life itself. Use LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move and UP arrow to jump over the steps.

Robo Abduction

0 30 views
A cute point and click game that suitable for children, adult can also enjoy. Story: One night when Luka & Lara was going out for a stroll, something came from the night sky and kidnapped them. help Luka to find Lara, escape and go back to earth safely. Features:…

Clarence Jumping Clouds

0 27 views
Have fun in this jumping game of Clarence. Jump on the clouds and reaches as high as possible without falling. Catch the bonus clouds to double your points.rn

Time to Escape

0 24 views
This is a classic room escape game, you are locked in a mansion and must find the way to escape.Explore the rooms, find the hidden objects and solve riddles.

Escape From Death House

0 31 views
Escape From Death House is other escape game, you enter the house of the death, found that all people dead and dead again, want to know the mystery of Death House? Play Escape From Death House now.

Catch The Apple 2

0 55 views
Many of the hedgehog’s buddies are ready to help him collect the apples and the stars that come on his way. Snakes, owls, little bulls and different tools make the hedgehog move in the right direction.

Meadow Secret Escape

0 36 views
You are trapped in a meadow filled with wild animals, you realize that you are stuck and can’t get out, except crack the code given by people who trap you, pick out the code and escape from the meadow.

Daisy Escape Play School Fun

0 33 views
The little girl is really enthusiastic about making it to school, so do a good deed by helping her prepare for it. Have fun in arranging the toys, packing books and food, having breakfast and other activities that might brighten her day. Use mouse clicks to open things and…
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