0 1 views
A point and click adventure. A lone astronaut is pulled through a wormhole; what awaits him on the other side?

Alien Terrian

0 1 views
Explore this new alien world while fighting off enemies and collecting gem-pointsClass project. Hope you like it. Leave feedback and comments below!!! Sorry, the end screen got screwed up!!!

Adventure of a Vegetarian

0 1 views
Help a vegetarian build his garden while keeping an animal that follows you around to help kill butchers.

Corbowitz the banana Mercenary

0 1 views
As Corbowitz, the banana mercenary, you must traverse the levels and defeat the evil king.

Geoff”s Adventure

0 4 views
GAME TRAILER: is a fan-made game based off Geoff Ramsey from Achievement Hunter. Mark Stockley, the creator, is a huge fan of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth and has been for a long time. For one of his school assignments, he decided to make a retro style game.

Jump to the top

0 1 views
Tu objetivo es simple, llega a la cima y saltando entre diversas plataformas y esquivando loas peligrosos obstáculos que te encuentres.

Block of Love

0 1 views
A side scrolling game that is slightly challenging but fun. like an obstacle course but at the end is your true love.

Hero’s Arms

0 2 views
Hi all!This is our new game, which is kind of a good-old Zelda-like adventure game. We made it very retro-fashioned on purpose, to bring back the “magic” of the 80’s games. The game has a decent length if you want to complete everything in it, which should take around…

Mr. Kling”s Pink Paradise

0 10 views
You, Mr. Kling, are a game programming teacher. Your goal is to collect all of the cute pink items (the bow, ice-cream, and flower) so that you can put them on display in your classroom. After you have collected all of the pink things, go to the A+ to…

Jmmy”s Cake Adventures

0 34 views
You are Jmmy the Goldfish! (yes, jmmy without an i) Collect the slices of cake to gain points. Stay away from the forks! Jmmy doesn't like forks.The goal of the game is to collect the correct answer to the given math problem. Go to the pillars to move on…

Let us Journey – The Duyoa

0 26 views
Encounter a story, travel a land fighting past Khloro monsters and gather gold dust and ore. An idle game until your character runs out of energy.


0 1 views
You are the only employee at Gazzoline Filling Station. Your mission is to attend your client quickly to get more money and create the ultimate gas filling station.Thanks to Kongregate for the sponsorship

Alone In The Woods

0 6 views
You play as Garrett, a pilot who is transferring a battery shipment in his plane when he runs out of fuel. You must help Garrett survive in the woods and escape.

The Majesty of Colors

0 6 views
Last night I dreamed I was an immense beast, floating in darkness. I knew nothing of the surface world until I fell in love with the majesty of colors.“(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors” is a pixel-horror game that puts the player behind the tentacles of…

Accul”s Revenge

0 5 views
A simple and easy adventure game. This is my first full game. The drawings were made by my 6 yo son. I hope you enjoy it.

Le Père Noël manque à l”appel !

0 17 views
First game made in construct 2, and, season oblige, it's a Christmas game ! (Game made in collaboration with the talented Maiaz and DJ del Bosquet for the music !)
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