Epic Fruits

0 4 views
The city walls are under attack in this free HTML5 game! Everything that stands between great success and the – seemingly – inevitable downfall is you and a pile of fruits. Quickly you grab your sling and start to launch the fruits into the attackers knocking them out one…

Impossible Cicle Animal

0 1 views
Test your quick rationale in this animal-themed game for kids to train their rationale.


0 0 views
Pon a prueba tus conocimientos y verifica cuan preparado estás para rendir el ENES, INEVAL, SER BACHILLER; cualquier otra prueba de conocimientos; o solo diviértete contestando a estas entretenidas preguntas.Esta es la versión gratuita; si deseas adquirir la versión de paga búscala en la tienda como "FORM ENES PRO"…

Power Jumper

0 4 views
Play Power Jumper for free and help Coco the cute parrot to collect his favorite food in this fantastic platform game. Coco is hungry and Coco will not settle for anything less than his favorite food – red, juicy melons. Now it is your turn to make the poor…

Bro Fist

0 3 views
Just a bro fist avoiding the hand shakes that come its way! It's up to you to help him! Try it and see how far you can go. Enjoy and have fun, and tell your friends.

My Candy Box

0 1 views
Play My Candy Box and tease your brain with this funny and highly entertaining puzzle game! You help the funny creatures to reach a tempting box full of candy. To get there you have to make use of their special skills like the abilities to stretch their limbs to…

Mixed World

0 4 views
Welcome to Mixed World, the cheerful platform puzzle game! Use your brains and skills to help a bunch of cute creatures to chase off all the grumpy red monsters. Use your funny friends’ special skills to nudge all monsters off the platforms! Grab monsters or move friendly creatures with…


0 1 views
Pop through portals to grab the Present you need to get to the next level!


0 3 views
Swingventure is a fast paced skill game where you use your rope to swing through an endless level full of precious gems and nasty obstacles. You need perfect timing to not only keep your pace, but also avoid to hit the ground or one of the walls in your…

Mini-trivia “Guerra del Pacífico”

0 2 views
A simple, short trivia about the 1879's "War of the pacific", centered in the Iquique Naval Combat; it's my examn for the university.Una simple, corta trivia acerca de la "guerra del pacífico", centrada en el Combate Naval de Iquique; es mi examen para la universidad.

Matt vs Math

0 5 views
Matt vs. Math is a fun brainteaser game in which you have to solve seemingly simple equations that are designed around the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Three numbers, two operators and three results to choose from, this is all it takes to make really great game. Does this…

Quiz Story – Animal

0 4 views
Animal Quiz Story is a fun and educational quiz game that tests your knowledge of the different creatures that can be found around the world. Can you tell the difference between an African wild dog and a Hyena? Are you able to tell a bee from a wasp and…

Zippy Boxes

0 3 views
Looking for a fun and relaxing puzzle experience? Then take a break and train your brain with Zippy Boxes, the colorful and stress-less thinking game! The player’s task will be to move different colored boxes to their designated places on the board in order to free the cute creatures…

Quiz Story Game

0 4 views
Did you grow up with Super Mario and Tetris? Did you beat Diablo time and again? Did you travel to Monkey Island or the Castle Wolfenstein in your holidays? Video Games Quiz Story is the fun and educational game to test your knowledge about video games! To turn this…

Minion Lab

0 1 views
Welcome to Minion Lab, the ultimate brain teasing game! In this fun online game it is your objective to place the sweet minions on the buttons that matches their color. Once you pushed a minion in a direction, it will only stop if it dashes into something. So you…

Circle Circus

0 13 views
Round and round it goes in this fast paced arcade game and where it stops nobody knows. In Circle Circus your avatar is rotating in different sized circles and all the control you have is a well timed click that will make him jump from the inside of the…
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