Piu Piu

0 7 views
A collecting/avoiding game where sections of the screen have been flipped, rotated and rearranged to confuse you.

Biff and Baff – Rolling

0 7 views
Take Biff and Baff on a tour through 6 worlds with 5 levels each. Roll through all the levels. Collecting stars, keys, opening doors and finally rolling to the finish. Can you master it without falling down?

Speck Oppression

0 5 views
Manipulate gates and teleporters to herd flying sparks into collectors.

New Year”s card for you

0 0 views
Unfortunately Scirra won't allow Facebook dialogs. Visit the full version on Facebook!Nice digital New Year's postcard with an old fashion letter in it. Write something nice to congratulate New Year holidays to your Facebook friends.This postcard can be send in the Facebook message. Just follow the instructions in the…

brick puzzle

0 14 views
The tree kingdom, the threat by the dragon, as a warrior of the Kingdom, you need to put different brick walls promptly sent to throughout the Kingdom, set more than three similar brick, you can transfer them out.

zoo puzzle

0 10 views
Classic elimination game

Alien Memory Balls

0 12 views
Review the sequence of aliens, then repeat it using your left-mouse button to advance to the next level. It’s like the classic “Simon” game, but with aliens! Have fun!

Craz3 Match

0 9 views
The adorable pet as the theme, is a good casual puzzle game, the game fun, the picture is clear and lovely, suitable for people of all ages;

Skyline Maker

1 8 views
Skyline Maker is a simple but addicting puzzle game. In it, you need to add and remove floors to make a building. In each level you will get maximum 6 options for adding and removing floors to get a building with asked height. To complete a level you have…

Christmas Night

0 10 views
The Christmas Night has come and Stockings are waiting for presents. Find gifts among the other items and match three or more items with them to pick up. Fill socks to complete levels. But You must hurry because the time is ticking… Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy…

Silly Ways to Die: Adventures 2

0 10 views
These crazy creatures can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Could you keep an eye on them and help them avoid getting hurt in this weird and wacky adventure game?

Simple Puzzle – Minimalist

0 21 views
A simple puzzle inside a rotating level.Keep the cube in the blue zone for three seconds to land yourself in the Hall of Fame.Any and all feedback is helpful ^-^ Leave a comment? 😀

Christmas Sleigh Puzzle

0 11 views
Christmas is coming soon. Collect all the pieces of Christmas Sleigh jigsaw puzzle game. Use your mouse to move the pieces of the image. Merry Christmas!

Portrait of Santa Claus Coloring

0 14 views
Get the pleasure of colorization a portrait of Santa Claus. Use the mouse. Merry Christmas!

The Bird in the Garden Coloring

0 10 views
Free online coloring game, which will please those of you who really love nature. Use the mouse.

Christmas Eve Puzzle

0 10 views
Gather animated picture of Christmas Eve jigsaw puzzle game Christmas evening. This is a good and a fabulous holiday.
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