Survival of the Fittest

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This isn't exactly a game, so there aren't any controls. Simply observe, and post your findings in the form of a comment below! ^-^

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Survival of the Fittest

A simple simulation of "survival of the fittest".The facts are simple.If a creature reaches a piece of food, their lifespan is reset and they also produce an offspring.The offspring will have anywhere between 95% to 105% of the parent's movement speed.Creatures that move slower will expend less energy and have exponentially higher lifespans.Food is created at a set interval and placed on a random point on the map.If a creature's lifespan reaches it's end before they can find more food, they die.A creature's color helps symbolize how fast they are.Watch your creatures evolve! ^-^ (it may take time so feel free to tab over)Disclaimer, if you don't believe in evolution, don't worry, this isn't a petri dish. It's just a simulation, made by me, LightSide! :DI hope to make more complex versions of this in the future. ^-^Thanks for watching. And if you observe something you find interesting, share your finding in the comments! :3

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